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Marketing Copywriter


Marketing copy is writing that moves.
It goes beyond the artistry of traditional prose to compel the reader to take specific & immediate action.
Click. Read. Subscribe. Sign-up. Download. Buy.

The sales messages that you create have the potential to make or break your business. When you need to gain a loyal following of clients, increase customer interaction, or simply boost monthly sales numbers, compelling content is the most affordable, most effective tool to leverage. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, the ability your point across swiftly, concisely, and with a touch of pizazz is the life blood of your business.

As a marketing copywriter, I work closely with each client to craft written copy that is strategically targeted to the ideal audience, congruent with current branding, and on-point to achieve pertinent business goals. We will work together to create copy (for print or digital) that persuades, educates, inspires actions and achieves measurable results. I ensure that all my clients receive reliability and a smooth, no-hassle experience – particularly when deadlines loam ominously on the horizon.  So whether you are taking your time, or racing against the clock, you can rest assured that I am on your side.


My Marketing Copywriter Services Include:


  • Internal and external newsletters
    Space in your clients’ inboxes is easy to come by, but providing content that compels people to click is a significantly bigger challenger. Whether you’re seeking to inform employees of your company’s latest releases, entice customers to buy again, or simply keep engage them in thoughtful conversations regarding your industry – delivering valuable content on a consistent basis is a critical part of your marketing strategy.
  • Marketing collateral (brochures, fliers, booklets, etc.)
    All print materials that are used to support the sale of your product or service are a direct extension of your brand. Polished prose will succinctly communicate your pitch while creative art & copy will ensure your prospects hold onto your message long after that piece of paper has found its way into the trash.
  • Media releases
    Eager to get the media to market your business for free? Media releases help you harness the power of the press and can deliver phenomenal returns, but first, you’ve got to know how to walk, talk, and spin ideas just like a journalist.
  • Media kits (Press kits)
    Media kits are pre-packaged sets of promotional materials that businesses use to equip media outlets with foundational, pertinent information regarding their organization. These kits should be hosted online and have a direct impact on how your business is perceived by news outlets.
  • White papers
    For B2B operations, white papers are essential tools that allow businesses to present case studies, evaluate products and services, and generate quality sales leads. These documents act as free sales tools by providing valuable insights to prospective buyers with just a single click of the mouse. Once written, they are incredibly cost-effective and can be used in campaigns over and over again.
  • Business blogs & article marketing
    Whether you’re writing articles for publication on your self-hosted business blog, or would like to pitch your work to third party publications, plastering the web with evidence of your quality and credentials is a great way to harvest leads and position your brand as an industry leader.
  • Landing pages & web copy
    As your business’s online store front, your website should be filled with strategic, compelling content that converts into meaningful results for your business.

When you need to make your phone ring, fill your sales team’s inbox with inquires, to improve your conversions, a marketing copy makeover is the right place to begin. Contact me to talk about how we can best showcase your products and services through marketing copy that digs in.


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Hey, I’m Madeline Blasberg! As a seasoned copywriter, content marketer, and journalist, I am a wordsmith who knows the ins and outs of the digital arena. Whether it’s an ad campaign, article, website, eBook, or newsletter, I pack and ship your brand message in a way that’s true to your voice and persuasive without being pushy.
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