Freelance Copyeditor & Proofreader

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Freelance Copyeditor & Proofreader

Do commas and colons cause you to hyperventilate? Is Spell Check the extent of your revision process? Do your eyes glaze over every time you try to edit your work? If so, it may be time to partner up with a professional copyeditor and stop your textual trauma before it gets any worse.

Why work with a freelance copyeditor?

Copy errors that slip through the cracks have an unfortunate way of chipping away at your brand’s reputation. Self-checking your own work is an excellent practice but it’s not enough to protect you from embarrassing mistakes. Because the work is familiar to you, typos and structural stumbles become much harder to detect. Before publishing on the web or in print it is vital to have your work checked by a third party, and who better than a professional copywriter?

My freelance copyediting services include:

I have experience molding and polishing a variety of written works, including eBooks, articles, academic essays, white papers, sales letters, fiction short stories, and just about everything in between. My fields of expertise include business and administration, marketing, leadership, technology, wine, travel, arts and entertainment. Depending on your needs and the state of your current draft/ manuscript, we will determine how I can best be of service. Some drafts require an intensive overhaul, with adjustments to organization, structure, and content. While others beg for fine-tuning and line-by-line proofing to ensure no pesky errors make it through to publication. Together we’ll discuss your project’s current stage and final vision to determine the level of revision that is required. Here is an overview:

  • Express copyediting service Lowest rate, for texts that are already polished and need  final read for minor lapses and typos
  • Basic copyediting service Proofing for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar
  • Line-by-line copyediting This is the most popular editing service, which includes everything in the basic package as well as help with overall structure/ organization/ consistency/ constructive feedback.
  • Rewriting service For projects that need an aggressive edit, overhaul, or need to be significantly expanded upon.

Freelance Copyediting & Proofreading Fees

I do not charge by the hour for single projects. Instead, my copyediting services are based on word count of your original draft so that you have a clear idea of what you will be charged. If however you would like to contract me for ongoing work, we will come to a mutual agreement. Turnaround time for most projects is 5-10 business days, depending on project length and my availability.


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Hey, I’m Madeline Blasberg! As a seasoned copywriter, content marketer, and journalist, I am a wordsmith who knows the ins and outs of the digital arena. Whether it’s an ad campaign, article, website, eBook, or newsletter, I pack and ship your brand message in a way that’s true to your voice and persuasive without being pushy.
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