How to Write About Yourself

How to Write an About Page that Wins Clients


How many times have you introduced yourself over the course of your life?

How many times have you done it in writing?

How many times have you shoved your first draft into the garbage?


Most of us looove to talk about ourselves, but when we have to commit to publishing even a simple paragraph….gulp…we’re frozen with writer’s block and fear. Whether you’re putting together a cover letter, author bio, about page, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page description, or marketing brochure, the challenge isn’t to simply write about yourself, you have to entice readers to want more. 


It’s a lifelong skill that everybody needs – doctors, lawyers, cowboys, and coaches – we’re all in the same boat. Say it and sell it, or go home hungry. Today, I’m going to teach you how to make your elevator pitch lethally persuasive in 5 simple steps. 

You don’t need to be a writer, you just have to make it to the bottom of this page.


Your About page and bio are the first, perhaps the only, impression you get to make on a prospective client. Without compelling copy that turns a web browser into an interested reader, the rest of your business may not even exist. Chances are you’ve worked hard (really hard) to get people to your web page and social media sites, but you could lose them in the blink of an eye.


Writing great descriptions about yourself and your business is a critical skill and it proves to people that you’re worth their time and dinero.


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About Page: A static page on your website dedicated to telling what makes your brand worthwhile.  The better your description, the better your chances of shuffling site visitors closer and closer to the checkout counter.


Most brands entirely miss the mark. They focus on all the wrong things, blend together entirely unrelated information, or simply slap up a few sentences and call it quits.


Here’s what you need to know to get it right:


The Real Purpose of Your About Page


This page helps visitors discover your brand’s story, what differentiates it from competitors, and why they should stick around to learn more.


I bet you didn’t know that:


  • Statistics suggest that a brand’s “About Me” page is one of the most viewed pages on the website
  • Any page under 300 words is looked down upon by the Search Engine gods
  • A successful About Page should introduce you to new clients, keep current clients entertained, generate leads, and funnel visitors deeper into your site


Remember, every piece of writing has one purpose – to get the next piece of writing read, all the way down to your call to action and conversion. If people walk out on your website at the first stop, you’ve lost in round one.


Does this describe you?


  • You’re an articulate, enthusiastic speaker when talking to others about your work, but you can’t put those words into writing
  • You’ve got social media profiles, a website, collateral, and products that require biographies and ABOUT You pages…but, you don’t know what to say
  • You’ve avoided, procrastinated, and put-off writing your website because it feels like Chinese water torture
  • You have half-started drafts and incomplete sentences but nothing more


Let Me Teach You How to Write an About Page


I’ve boiled down this process into 5 fool-proof steps that walk you through the writing process and will get you ready to publish your first-class introduction. It’s all laid out in my free eBook, “How to Write an About Page that Wins Clients” and it’s designed to help you get it written in a single afternoon.


How to write about page ebook sampleHow to write about page ebook sample


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  • How to talk about your business in a way that strikes a chord and activates your sales funnel


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