Why Go Pro When You Hire a Copywriter

Why Go Pro When You Hire a Copywriter

Your business does not speak to people – it writes to people.


Your business writes to people in the form of web pages, newsletters, bulletin boards, magazine ads, Facebook posts, case studies, brochures, emails, and blog articles…which by the way – you’re behind on again.


But the point is, the mouthpiece of your business (and your livelihood) is the written words that you self-publish in the indelible ink of the 21st century. Whether it’s in pixels or on paper, you’re putting it out into the world and potential customers are scanning it from top to bottom, sizing up what you say and determining whether you’re worth their time and money.


Putting words on paper – or publishing them online – is relatively quiet. But just because your throat doesn’t feel hoarse after you write an article doesn’t mean your voice isn’t carrying for miles. People are listening. Not to mention that what you write is on constant repeat, played over and over again every time a new visitor stumbles across your profile page, or your website, or your product description. The same web copy can exist for decades.


If your words flop – your clients are likely to flip, right on over to your competition.


In short: Your words matter.


They are the lynch pin of your business and your clients don’t care how busy you are, how haggard you feel, or how you had 500 other things to do that day. They want top quality writing that blows them away every time, and they want it…right away, pretty please.


madeline blasberg hire a copywriter


If you’re at the helm of a business or at the top of your department, you know how fast the writing projects pile up.  You blink and you’ve got 3 minutes to write 30,000 words and you’re so stressed you can hardly remember how to spell your own name. So, what happens?


When projects pile up, you’ll be tempted to look for writers in all the wrong places.


To put it crassly, most people want their writing done cheap, fast, and easy – forgetting about wholesome virtues such as quality, reliability, and a long-term relationship you can count on.


I’m assuming that you take care of your business, so I’m assuming that one way or another this pesky writing project is getting done. But chances are it’s trickling down to the writer of least resistance, rather than the writer most equipped to get the job done right (the first time around).


madeline blasberg hire a copywriter


 madeline blasberg hire a copywriter     madeline blasberg hire a copywriter

 madeline blasberg hire a copywriter    madeline blasberg hire a copywriter

 madeline blasberg hire a copywriter    madeline blasberg hire a copywriter


When you hire a copywriter – get a professional.


In today’s digital world, the buyers hold all the power to research and interact with brands long before purchasing. In order to really nurture that lead and win the business, you have to serve up quality – not junk.


Think of every little piece of writing that you publish as a tiny brand ambassador sent out into the world on your behalf. These bits of prose are an extension of you and a reflection of your quality. So when they are wrought with incoherence, grammatical blunders, and eerily composed English that would make your high school teachers nauseous…well, just remember that you get what you pay for.


Sweatshop Copywriters Need NOT Apply

Before You Go Cheap – Don’t Discount the Real Cost


Sadly, many of the brands I work with fall in love with me on the rebound. They try the discount version and they end up getting burned every time. Here are just a few soundbites of what they tell me:


“We tried hiring someone from India writing blogs for $10 each and the result was complete crap.”


“The guy we hired had dirt-cheap prices, but he ended up never meeting a deadline, and never really followed our instructions. He turned in the bare minimum to get paid.”


“I’ve worked with cheap freelancers from Asia, and they don’t know how to deliver what I’m looking for. They take my instructions very literally and can’t ever run with a project the way the professionals do.”


I love a good discount or an ingenious scrappy solution as much as the next person, but you can’t forget that even when you pay pennies upfront, you pay dearly over the long run. Opting for sweatshop copywriting costs in a number of ways:


  • Declining client retention
  • Declining sales leads
  • The cost of missed deadlines
  • The cost of hiring a proofreader to clean up the copy
  • The cost of hiring a different copywriter for a do-over
  • The cost of not meeting your superiors’ expectations
  • Sheer frustration

Why go pro when you hire a copywriter?

Because you don’t skimp on the things that are paramount to your success.


Have you had a harrowing experience finding the right freelance copywriter at the right price?
Tell me about it in the comments section below!



Hey, I’m Madeline Blasberg! As a seasoned copywriter, content marketer, and journalist, I am a wordsmith who knows the ins and outs of the digital arena. Whether it’s an ad campaign, article, website, eBook, or newsletter, I pack and ship your brand message in a way that’s true to your voice and persuasive without being pushy.

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