Freelance Copywriter Services

Freelance Copywriter Services


Hands-down you know your business better than anyone else. But a professional copywriter knows how to give your brand voice, volume, and that intangible spark that makes customers connect with what you have to say.

Working with a professional writer saves you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle. Every project begins with a detailed brief that allows me to produce compelling, benefits-driven copy that speaks directly to your customers. All my work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and I work tirelessly to ensure that every word is in alignment with your vision.

Glance over my freelance copywriter services menu and contact me when you’re ready to dive in? If you don’t see what you need – fear not. Tell me what you’ve got in mind and we’ll work it out together.


MB Freelance Copywriiting Services Logos_Marketing CopyMarketing Copy

Every word you send out into the world is a brand ambassador for your business. Whether your marketing is destined for print or pixels, I’ll keep your brand consistent and memorable across the board. I’ll create your internal and external newsletters, printed collateral, media releases, media kits, sales letters, etc.


MB Freelance Copywriting Services Logos_Website ContentWeb Copywriting

Your website is your digital store front and every paragraph has to perform the task of a seasoned sales team. I’ll help you make sticky, SEO-optimized web content that makes your customers beg for more. Every page will be constructed with best practices for web writing and help you outshine competitors.


MB Freelance Copywriter Services Logos_Blog ArticlesContent Marketing

Without the right content marketing strategy, your efforts can quickly crumble into nothing more than cool articles and pretty pictures. I know what it takes to resonate with your audience. I’m well-versed in the language of customer relationships and I’ll make sure your message gets heard.


MB Freelance Copywriter Services Logos_SEO copywritingSEO Copywriting

Marketing in the digital age requires much more than launching a website and hoping for the best. It requires that you publish engaging digital collateral that captures clicks as well as the attention of leading search engines. I’ll provide SEO copywriting services, keyword research, and on-site optimizations.


MB Freelance Copywriter Services Logos_Ghostwriting & EbooksGhostwriting & eBooks

One of the best ways to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry is to write a book and eBooks make publishing easier than ever before. I’ll help you plan your attack, organize your content, craft each page, and polish up the finished product.


MB Freelance Copywriter Services Logos_Editing and ProofingEditing & Proofing

Every business needs a second pair of eyes before sending written work out into the world. In addition to a broad range of copywriting services, I also offer proofreading and editing services that are priced according to the depth of polishing that you require.

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