How to Find Guest Bloggers

How to Find Guest Bloggers


how to find guest bloggers Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter


What is guest blogging?


Guest blogging quite simply sharing the workload of writing articles for a particular blog or business website. It can play out in one of two ways:


Option A: You write a post to appear on another person’s blog

Option B: Another person writes a post to appear on your blog

Both scenarios offer healthy ways to grow your blog and your business, but this article is going to focus primarily on option B: how to attract guest bloggers to your site.


Why does guest blogging matter?


Not only does finding guest bloggers allow others to shoulder the burden of content creation, but it also puts you in a strong position to grow your business and increase your reach (hellooooo new audiences!).


The benefits of attracting guest bloggers:


  • Build relationships with other professionals by offering a win-win
  • Shared writing burden
    (“Thank god! Frank is writing this week’s post so I don’t have to.”)
  • Access to new and wider audiences
    (Frank’s got a flourishing online network and hefty email list, all of whom are going to hear about his article and pop over to your site to see what’s going on)
  • Increased inbound links
    (Frank shares the link to his article and may even feature it on his website, newsletter, social media, etc.)
  • Learn first-hand from other experts in related fields
  • Discover business opportunities
  • Position your blog and your brand as an authority within your digital space


How do I get guest bloggers to write for my site?


Ever seen those shaggy-looking college students standing on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign announcing ‘FREE HUGS’? That’s kind of what it feels like when you first try to attract guest bloggers to write for your website. Why? Because you’re giving away a fantastic benefit for free and you’re trying to entice people to trust you and your offer (despite your rickety cardboard sign).


how to find guest bloggers Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter


So, how can you attract to-die-for guest bloggers to your website? Here are some tips that can help you keep a steady stream of willing writers knocking at your door.


7 Tips for Finding Guest Bloggers


#1 – Become the person you’d want to date


You’ve probably heard the advice: if you’re looking for your soulmate, become the person you want to date.


The same is true in the blogosphere. If you want to attract experts and authors to come to your digital party, you’re going to need to entice them by showing off your professionalism, creativity, depth of blogging experience, and size of the audience you reach. Why? Because you ideally want to attract guest bloggers with the same traits.


If your blog is full of mouth-watering content and heavily trafficked by readers, then it’s going to be easy to attract “A-list” guests to join in on the fun.

If however, your digital social scene is as dry as an old man’s dandruff flakes…well, you’re more likely to the brush off.


That’s not to say that new blogs can’t crack the code when it comes to guest blogging, but you may have to work your way up to the A-list authors as your audience and article archive grow steadily over time.


Moral of the story: start a blog, make it grow.


How to become the blogger everyone wants to date? Start with these steps:


  • Write consistently
  • Grow your audience
  • Increase your social media presence


#2 – Set guidelines and expectations up front


Create a dedicated guest blogging page on your website that clearly explains how articles are vetted, published, and promoted. Include answers to the most frequent guest blogging questions so that both sides know what to expect and no one feels slighted or let down because the arrangement was unclear.


Here are some guest blogging guidelines to establish from the get-go:


  • What topics and subject matter are likely to be published?
  • Are guest bloggers offered any monetary compensation, if so how much?
  • What are the original author’s rights? Can the article be republished in full or in part?
  • What kind of promotion will you provide once the article is published?
  • With the original author receive a byline and bio box with a link back to his or her site?


how to find guest bloggers Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter

Sample of a guest blogger’s author bio box.

#3 – Optimize your site to attract guest bloggers


Guest blogging is a 2-way street, you’re hunting for talent and talent is hunting for how to get their work out into the world. To make sure you don’t whoosh past each other like two ships passing in the night, you’re going to have to put a big juicy target on your back that advertises your interest in welcoming guest writers into the fold.


This requires that you optimize your site for keywords such as “guest blogging” and “guest blogger.”


You can also create a page on your website with guest-blog-post directly in the URL and in the page title. Make it specific to your niche topic and you’re likely to see the traffic roll in with inquiries.


#4 – Strategically search for guest bloggers


how to find guest bloggers Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter


  • Begin by looking from within
    Anyone particularly active on your social media profiles? Have any regular commenters whose writing is entertaining? Reach out to them and invite them to have a more prominent presence on your site.
  • Tap into your personal and professional network
  • Try Google searches to find blogs
    Type in a relevant keyword followed by blog. For example: “social media marketing blog”
  • Try Google searches to find guest blogging opportunities
    Type in a relevant keyword followed by guest post. For example: “social media marketing submit guest post”
  • Create a job listing for guest bloggers and writers
    Discover top talent by posting a job listing or open call for writers. Promote the opportunity on your blog posts, the career section of your website, your social media channels, freelance writing websites, and industry websites.
  • Use a guest post platform and guest blog listing sites
    Guest post platforms such as com offer a comprehensive list of blogs based on their rankings and credibility.
  • Join and become involved in a blogging community (online or in person)
  • Follow bloggers on social media
    Actively interact with them and build a relationship before approaching them to become contributing authors.
  • Research the writer and the quality of his or her work
    Use what you find to make your pitch personalized and compelling.


#5 – Make it personal


Are you aware that in Argentina tradition dictates hand-delivering every single wedding invitation? Yeah. That implies several things: gas money, small talk, and an abnormally high acceptance rate. Why? Because we all want to be wanted, and nothing is more irresistible than a thoughtful offer made “in person.”


Hand-select the people you’d like to invite to become guest bloggers, follow them on social media, interact with their posts, comment on their blogs, and then write a personalized email inviting them to become a guest blogger.


#6 – Pay (another way)


how to find guest bloggers Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter


Money is not and should never be the only motivation for a guest blogger to submit content to your site. Get clear about what intangibles you bring to the table and create a win-win situation for both sides (without ransacking your wallet). You can even offer to swap posts (sometimes all you have to do is write one to receive one).


#7 – Say thank you


how to find guest bloggers Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter


Do you know of any additional tips to help bloggers attract quality guest authors to their blogs?  Feel free to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and ideas.



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