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Am I the Copywriting Coach for You?


If you’ve stumbled across this site and feel it strikes a chord, my copywriting coaching services may be a cure for what ails you.

I’ve written copy for solopreneurs across the globe who bring in $100,000+ annually, provided marketing copy to big business marketing agencies, and have successfully published articles to leading online publications across numerous industries.

I can quickly spot how to improve your copy, streamline your writing process, and get your brain unstuck from whatever brain block has derailed you. My goal is to provide a fresh pair of eyes, an expert content marketer’s perspective, and a near overdose of creativity to jolt you back into the game.

My experience has taught me that every business in every industry faces communications challenges, which can be dealt with in one of three ways.

A – Drink a denial cocktail that dopes you into believing copy isn’t all that important
B – Farm out the work to some lower level lackey who once got an A+ in English class
C – Buck it up and seek out a professional who will get the job done right the first time

Let’s choose option C – which ironically stands for Copywriter, Coach, and Consultant. Mere coincidence? Nah.

My coaching services give you full access to my experience, expertise, and witty sense of humor. You’ll receive my personal email and direct telephone line so that I can help you out of near-death writing situations.


One-on-One Copywriting Coaching Packages


Website Consultation


Building a website from scratch or overhauling the one you’ve got?

I’ll help you lay out your strategy, content architecture, writing principles, and I can even write it for you if you like.

Sizzling Sales Page


Have you slaved over a sales page that you love, but need a second opinion to make it just right?

Need to persuade but can’t string your words together?

Get your rough first draft down and send me your notes. Then I’ll take the time to spiff up your ideas and make sure your customers swoon. A sales page headline can single-handedly make or break your pitch, which is why I’ll give you a choice of several excellent options.

Brand Tagline


Advertising agencies sometimes take days, weeks, months of exploration to nail down that titillating tagline. You can purchase 1-2 hours of my creative brainstorming and I’ll send you every idea I come up with. I may hit a homerun on the first try, but I can’t guarantee it. No copywriter can. What I can promise is to give you a list of possibilities I myself would use and it may just spark your next “big idea.”

Headline Generator


In a 1 hour skype call we’ll discuss your business and creative brief, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with 50+ new blog post ideas with fun, unique angles, and must-click headlines. If you’re drowning in a state of “I don’t know what to write about,” call me up for the cure.

Copy Coaching Power Hour


In just an hour I can completely change the way you approach copywriting. Sure, writing is a craft and it takes practice. But I’ve also found that most clients beat their heads against the same wall and simply need someone to point out a way through the block.


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How much time do we need together?

Once I see your project, I can give you a pretty reliable estimate, but the scope depends on what shape your project is in to begin with as well as how dense and long the copy is. It may take a couple of hours, a full day, or several weeks to cross the finish line. We can discuss your specific needs before you pick a copy coaching package. Just shoot me an email and we’ll sort it out.

Don’t see a copywriting consulting package that whets your appetite? Get in touch and let’s build it together.


How soon can I book you?

Suffering from severe writer’s block and squeezing up against a deadline?

Need an emergency brainstorming session to get you going?

I’ll do my best to clear an hour in my schedule to collaborate with you over the phone or via skype. But if you want guaranteed availability, you’ll have to allow me 2 business days lead time so that I can give your project the time it deserves.


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