Copywriter Freelance – FAQs

Copywriter Freelance – FAQs


Why should I hire you over some other freelance copywriter?

I have over six years of professional writing experience, as well as a BA degree in Creative Nonfiction and Journalism from the University of Missouri – Columbia. I have also completed online marketing training programs by Tom Antion and Marie Forleo, which means that not only will you benefit from my powerful prose but from my marketing acumen as well.


I want to establish a long-term relationship with a freelance copywriter in order to cover projects as they arise, is that something you do?

Absolutely. The majority of my clients have been with me for years. Some send me regular projects every month while others reach out to me sporadically as writing tasks arise. Because we’ve worked together in the past, my clients don’t waste time hunting down new hires and trying to bring them up to speed.


How do you charge for your freelance copywriting services?

Each project is quoted individually based on my assessment of the time investment and level of complexity. Before each project begins, we will establish a rate and payment plan, and you can rest assured that my clients – without exception – express that they received excellent value for their investment. I accept company checks or electronic payments through PayPal (credit card transactions can also be processed through PayPal without setting up an account). Clients are responsible for all PayPal transaction fees and prices are established in USD.


What are the terms of payment?

Most fixed-price projects require a 40% deposit up front and the balance is due upon completion. After we’ve completed a handful of projects together, we can discuss retainer agreements and credit terms.


Are there any contracts we need to sign before getting started?

Yes. Once we’ve agreed upon the parameters of your copywriting project, you’ll need to sign an agreement that summarizes the details of the project, the deliverables, deadline, and price. This agreement ensures that the two of us have the same expectations and sets us up for a successful long term relationship.


How will you submit your work?

The vast majority of projects are submitted in an MS Word file via email. If the copy is destined to be included in a brochure, website, or printed collateral, a graphic designer/ developer will handle that function.


What if I’m not happy with the first draft?

I try to always hit a homerun from the start, but if for some reason you’re unhappy with the copy then we’ll certainly work together to turn things around. Every project estimate includes two rounds of revisions, each of which must be requested within 5 business days of the previous draft submission. I will work with you to clarify your expectations and vision and will write a second draft that is more on target.


My business has a website, but it has poor rankings in Google. Do you provide SEO copywriting services?

Absolutely. SEO copywriting is the cornerstone of nearly all of the web copy that I create. Optimizing a website’s written content is one of the most important steps you can take to boost your site rankings. I am happy to assist you with keyword research, or you can provide me a list of your target keywords and I will build copy around them. I am also available to write title tags and meta-description tags, which are also key components of search engine optimization.


Are you able to write about my business even if you don’t have direct experience in my industry?

Successful copywriters have to be both meticulous researchers and clever chameleons, which is why I have (and do) write for clients across a wide variety of industries. I take time to familiarize myself with your business, your industry, and any necessary jargon. I’ll investigate your target audience, leverage proven marketing principles, and adapt the copy to fit seamlessly into your world.


If I hire you to write copy for me, who owns the finished work?

Every project I take on is a custom job and it belongs entirely to the client who hired me to write it. You can use it in any way that you’d like and repurpose it in any way that you see fit. That’s the hope, in fact, I want you to leverage my copy and derive as much benefit from it as possible. I do reserve the right to include the work in my portfolio as a sample unless otherwise agreed upon.


I have a first draft (or several first drafts) and I just need help editing. Can you help me?

Not a problem. Send me all the written materials you have and let me know your vision for the finished problem. I’ll take a peek at the work and come back to you with recommendations and a project estimate based on the level of edits. And, if your project isn’t really in need of touch ups – I’ll tell you, entirely free of charge.


When can you get started on my copywriting project?

That’s a tricky question. My availability varies, but I always try to give fast turnarounds. If you’re working on a tight deadline, let me know and I’ll try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.  Projects that require immediate attention may incur an additional rush fee (established in advance). In the case that I’m not immediately available, I’ll give you a completion date so you know what to expect or I’m happy to recommend you to another freelance copywriter.


You seem like the right freelance copywriter for me, what’s the next step?

The process is really quite simple and it always begins by making the first contact. Complete my contact form or send me an email directly to tell me more about your project. I’ll get in touch with you shortly and we’ll figure out the best approach from there. Project estimates are obligation free and you don’t need to commit to work with me until we’ve agreed upon a scope, prices, and timeline.



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