About Madeline


Truth Tidbit #1:

When writing makes you whimper in pain,
when your website goes stale,
and when you have no idea how to proceed…
know that I’m here to ensure you get it done right.


Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter freelance journalist


My goal is to get inside your brain, pull out all the biggest ideas and lay them out line by line to help boost your business and simplify your life.


My clients are business masterminds. They are thriving entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, powerful creative minds…but when it comes to standing up on the digital podium and telling the world what they’re made of – suddenly all the right words just slip through their clammy fingers. If you live and breathe your business, if your heart beats in tune with your target market, but you struggle to piece together clean, compelling messages that hit home, then it might be time to work with me.

Let’s be clear about one thing: professional copywriting is an investment, and when it’s done right it more than pays for itself in awareness, loyalty, and cha-ching at the end of the day. Glitzy design might grab your attention, but well-crafted copy pulls at your heartstrings and renders you utterly defenseless. It’s your most powerful – most versatile – marketing tool and I’m a black belt writer trained in whipping words into sales. Meanwhile, leaving you time to get back to work.


I’m part marketing maven, journalist, copywriter, and wordsmith.
A veritable gypsy soul, always with a pen in hand…and a bottle of red wine within reach.


Madeline blasberg freelance copywriter freelance journalist


Born-n-raised in the Midwest, I nurtured a notebook addiction from a very early age and have since created a cross-continental copywriting service head quartered from Patagonia, Argentina.


I help people clarify their brand core vision and unleash their authentic voice.
It’s your dream, your direction – and my voice behind the scenes.


I am a professional copywriter and journalist with over 5 years of experience working with clients across two continents and countless industries. As a versatile writer, I’ve filled many roles and strive to provide whatever wordsmithing services my clients may need – from pithy taglines to compelling case studies.


Check out my copywriting sample portfolio!


What does all that mean?  It means I contribute phenomenal writing that’s based on technical proficiency and spiced with creative turns of phrase.  It means I have experience quickly familiarizing myself with complex subject matter and delivering palatable prose written for a targeted audience. I edit until it’s just right, I light up when I craft a killer phrase, I treat my clients with the utmost respect & transparency, and I believe in quality above all else.


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I find the words that bring in the buyers.


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Who I am not


I am not a content sweat shop.


I don’t spin content, pirate content, stuff keywords, or produce anything that I would not be proud to put my name on. I insist on producing only the highest quality writing and working only with the clients who value that level of production. Great web copy should flow, compel, engage, entertain, and leave an impression that lasts long after the reader has clicked away.


What makes me different?


I will be more fiercely & compassionately dedicated to your project than any other editor you work with.  I would be honored to collaborate with you to bring your project into alignment with your vision and hope we can work together in the future.


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Professional Bio

I studied Journalism and English at the University of Missouri – Columbia, and fell in love with copywriting about the same time I fell out of love with the newsroom. Always a writer and traveler, after graduation I took my writing studio on the road and settled in South America.

In addition to innumerable copywriting clients, my journalistic articles have been published in publications including The Huffington Post, Winefolly, Menuism, Afar, among others. Visit my LinkedIn profile to get the full scoop.

My mission is to help worthy people and wonderful brands find their voice and realize their potential in an increasingly crowded business arena.

I take your message and make it SOAR.

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