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Madeline Blasberg is an American woman, working in Argentina

Copywriting Examples

Copywriting Examples

Dubious about hiring a writer online? Fear not. As a professional copywriter and journalist, I stand behind my work and my clients. But don’t take my word for it, check out my client testimonials or visit my portfolio of copywriting examples that speak for themselves.

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About Madeline

About Madeline

My passion is helping individuals and businesses authentically connect with their target audiences. I collaborate closely with my clients to identify their goals, craft compelling content, and meet even the most formidable deadlines.

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Hear from my clients!

Here are just a few tidbits of praise that my clients have shared with me

“Madeline delivered fabulous work! We are very happy with the copywriting and revised text for our new website. Madeline took highly technical material and translated it into intuitive, compelling content. We were right to choose her!”

– Valentin Secades Mendez
Quality XP Development

“Madeline has an innate ability to deliver engaging and informative content that tailors to a diverse set of readers.  She has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions and is an excellent internal communicator that has always delivered on time.  She is the definition of a team player and it has been a pleasure to work with her.”

– Brett Bastello
Inseev Marketing

” I had the great honor to work alongside Madeline for two years on a number of marketing projects.  She was always optimistic and demonstrated incredible organizational skills, not to mention that her drive to provide constant creative and professional work is incredibly refreshing!”

– Caroyln Gallagher
Founder & CEO of Uncorking Argentina

“Madeline is an excellent writer. The blogs and web content she developed for us were spot on brief and received high levels of engagement from our clients. Madeline also took the time to understand strategically what we were trying to achieve and developed a communications program to support those objectives. Simply fantastic work.”

– Ken Morgan
CEO of Two’s A Crowd

“Madeline is a highly gifted writer and journalist.  Her readers can easily visualize, smell, and taste everything she writes about.  It is as though you are traveling right alongside of her.  Madeline’s writing is smart, insightful, and nothing short of a joy to read.”

– Nora Walsh

Founder of Patchwork Compass

“It is a pleasure to work with Madeline! She is an expert article writer and always turns my drafts into a well-written, thoughtful blog, while maintaining my authentic voice. She created an editorial calendar for me that has been very useful and full of new article pitches, SEO strategies, and more. Madeline is delightful to work with, always very helpful, and has gone above and beyond to provide advice on other marketing tools. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for engaging articles or marketing copy.”

– Laurie Kane,

Founder of FindHope4Today

“Madeline Blasberg impressed me with her excellent written and verbal communication skills.  I could always count on Madeline to create an article, press release or PR copy that had just the right note.  She always met her deadlines and went above and beyond when it came to planning and developing communication materials.  She set the bar high.”

– Michelle Froese
Student Auxiliary Services, UM- Columbia

“Madeline surpassed my expectations. I’d have to say that I couldn’t be more pleased with the work that she completed for me! Unbelievable that she was able to capture what I really needed to convey and the flow of her words were as smooth as silk!! I really don’t think that I could’ve produced something as powerful as she has been able to do for the task at hand.”

– Leah Aharoni

“As both a journalist and copywriter, Madeline clearly takes the time to connect with the client & subject matter, and has never failed to produce stunning copy.  Her ability to take even the most drab material and make it not only accessible but engaging – even under rough deadlines – is truly a unique talent.  It is always a pleasure to work with her and I have & will keep coming back to her for future freelance writing projects.”

– Kendra Forsythe
Catena Family of Wines

Madeline is a hard working and ambitious writer. Over the years she has contributed many features to Wine Republic sometimes suggesting her own topics and on other occasions happily taking up suggested articles and working towards the desired style. She actively researches topic matters and always delivers on time adapting to the assignment as necessary. Her positive outlook on life and enthusiasm is often reflected in her writing, making an enjoyable read.”

– Amanda Barnes
Wine Republic Magazine

Madeline Blasberg is a very creative writer with great attention to detail. She approaches every task with a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with.  She also offers a particular expertise in the Mendoza region as well as travel & wine.

– Sharon Nieuwenhuis
Experience Mendoza & The Vines of Mendoza

“It’s a very rare that I find a writer who not only crafts great articles but also ‘gets it’ when it comes to communicating in a certain voice or style that connects with your audience. Madeline Blasberg is a great person to work with behind the scenes as well. If only we could clone her.”

– Madeline Puckette

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